New LaGrange Festival Celebrates Music, Mindfulness, Mental Health

May 10, 2019

The U.S. Mental Health Care System is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet countless people living with or affected by mental illness fall through the cracks.

Georgia ranks 47th out of 50 for access to mental health care, resources and insurance coverage making it even tougher to live with disorders most data and experts find to be under-researched, undertreated and over-stigmatized.

The Hope Givers Mental Wellness and Music Festival hopes to make a dent in that. On Second Thought host Virginia Prescott spoke with the festival's organizer, Tamlin Hall. Hall also wrote and directed Holden On — an award-winning feature film. The film is based on a true story about dual diagnosis and teen suicide. 

Mel Carter also joined the conversation. She's one of the featured speakers at the Hope Givers Mental Wellness and Music Festival. Carter also leads the Head of Mindfulness Education and Innovation at New York University. 

Judah and the Lion is one of the headliners for the LaGrange festival. The group's singer and banjo player, Nate, gave his thoughts on mental health.

The event gets underway Saturday, May 11 at the Sweetland Amphitheatre in LaGrange. 

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