New GBI Director Plans To Crack Down On Street Gangs

Feb 7, 2019

Incoming Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vic Reynolds said taking down criminal gangs throughout the state is a priority.

The Cobb County District Attorney was appointed by Gov. Brian Kemp, who also sees gang activity as a major problem.

Reynolds intends to carry out Kemp's plans, which Kemp announced at his State of the State address, for a task force to help local law enforcement tackle gang crime. Kemp also plans to fund the Criminal Street Gang Database.

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Concern over the issue arose after Attorney General Chris Carr said in a September press release that there were 71,000 validated gang affiliates and more than 1,500 suspected gang networks in Georgia.

Trends across gang-related data can be difficult to track as law enforcement agencies generally do not record criminal offenses as “gang-related,” according to the National Gang Center.

Larceny topped the GBI’s 2017 crime index, but the percentage of gang-affiliated reports remains unknown.

Reynolds is expected to be sworn in sometime this month.