New 'Dignity Museum' Combats The Stigmas Of Homelessness And Poverty

Mar 25, 2019

More than a half a million Americans are homeless. In metro Atlanta, more than 3,000 people live on the streets, in shelters and in cars.

A new traveling museum uses stories, photos and virtual reality to give visitors a sense of what it's like to be homeless. It's called Dignity Museum, and the traveling museum shares the stories of those who are often forgotten. 

Terrence Lester created Dignity Museum to take visitors through a journey to promote a hopeful future of equality, opportunity and justice. Lester is also co-founder of  Love Beyond Walls. He and his wife, Cecila, started the nonprofit in College Park in 2013 to raise awareness of homelessness, as well as serving the homeless community.

Lester spoke with "On Second Thought" host Virginia Prescott about the museum and the work he does at Love Beyond Walls.

Admission for Dignity Museum is free, but donations are accepted and will go toward housing for the homeless. The museum is open on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

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