New Billboards Across Georgia Intend To Erase Stigma Of Abortion

Oct 15, 2018

In stark contrast to conservative billboards promoting pro-life ideals, an organization called Access Reproductive Care Southeast has posted its own abortion messaging on billboards across Georgia.

The phrase, “Abortion is Healthcare & Reproductive Justice is Unconditional Love. Trust your loved ones to make decisions about their bodies” will appear on billboards from Atlanta to Savannah, ARC Executive Director Oriaku Njoku said.

“When folks are traveling an hour and a half to two hours to get to an abortion appointment because 96 percent of Georgians live in a county without an abortion provider, we want people to be met with that message of love,” Njoku said.

For decades, the city of Macon has been without an abortion provider and the same goes for the entirety of Middle Georgia. When prospects of a clinic that would provide abortion services in downtown Macon arose, people protested.

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But despite such opposition, Njoku said she hopes the billboard will convey that, through developing leadership and education in vulnerable communities within the state, the stigma of abortion can be abolished.

Though the billboards have been up for a short while, they’ve already made impressions on some Georgia residents. Savannah State University student Dejanarra Mugford advocates for women’s reproductive rights, but she thinks the billboards have the same motive as others — to push an agenda to create change.

“I believe it’s a woman’s choice of whether or not she wants to have an abortion, and I can see the good intentions of the billboards,” Mugford said.