Neo-Nazi Rally Cost Local Governments Over $200K

May 23, 2018

Last month three dozen members of a neo-nazi group rallied in Newnan, south of Atlanta. Hundreds of people showed up to protest. The City of Newnan and Coweta County governments spent $212,000 dollars to keep the peace.

About 700 police officers worked overtime.  It cost the city $3,600 just to feed them all for the day, while streets were closed with rented barricades and helicopters circled the sky.  No one was injured, despite fears of violent clashes like what erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia last year.

Emails obtained through an open records act request show investigators from the Coweta County Sheriff’s department circulated false information from Facebook the day before the rally. One post forwarded around the department came from the III% ring-wing militia group, and wildly overestimated how many antifa counter-protesters to expect.

Text from a Facebook post was copy and pasted into emails forwarded by Coweta County Sheriff's Department investigators and employees.

A tally of the City of Newnan's costs.

Coweta County's accounting of April 21.