Musicians, Primatologists, And Rocket Scientists: 5 OST To Revisit This Week

Apr 20, 2020

These five oldies but goodies from the On Second Thought archive cover topics from rocket science to recipe books. Check out these stories to start your week out with some good news.


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1) “From Ma Rainey To Otis Redding, The Musical Roots That Gave Georgia Its Sound

Last September, we were joined by musical scholars, Joycelyn Wilson, Lance Ledbetter, and Jamie Weatherford to discuss the history of music in Georgia. From Outkast to James Brown, and from Brenda Lee to Jason Aldean, Georgia has produced some of the most respected minds in blues, country, soul, rock, and dozens of other genres. 

2) “Primatologist Frans De Waal Explores What Humans Can Learn From Animal Emotions

April 2019 saw Atlanta-based author and primatologist Frans de Waal discuss his book Mama’s Last Hug: Animal Emotions. His work explores how primates and other animals experience emotions like jealousy, reconciliation, and social dynamics. Listen in to hear his discussion on what humans can learn from how these discoveries influence our experience interpreting our own interactions.

3) “New Edition Of Joy Of Cooking Carries On A Family Legacy — While Reflecting Modern America

The prominent cookbook The Joy of Cooking has enjoyed a nearly ninety-year long history in kitchens around the world. First compiled by Irma Rombauer in 1931, her great-grandson, John Becker and his wife, Megan Scott, recently published the ninth edition. They joined us in February to discuss how the original edition came to be, how it’s changed over its history, and how it brought Megan and John together. 

4) “What Does A Rocket Scientist Look Like? Ask Georgia Tech Grad Tiffany Davis

Georgia Tech Graduate Tiffany Davis made waves online in 2016 with her hashtag, #YesIAmARocketScientist, raising awareness as she encouraged women to pursue careers in STEM fields as they continue to try everything and be what they want to be. Davis continues her work with Boeing’s mission operations and engineering group in Washington, D.C.. Read highlights and listen to her interview by following the link above.

5) “Meet Peaches: A Prominent Figure In Atlanta's Entertainment Scene

Our first article in the lineup highlighted the world-famous musical acts that have come from Georgia, but very little credit ever goes to the equally deserving people behind these entertainment giants. Dee Dee Hibbler-Murray currently works for the DeKalb County government as an entertainment consultant after a career that has included names like OutKast and T.I.. She’s gone by monikers like “Mama Dee Dee” and “Peaches” over her 25 years in music and film, which she discusses with us in her December 2019 interview.


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