Music Minute: GA Honors Civil Rights Leader Cesar Chavez

Mar 30, 2018

Today, officials at the state capitol will honor the life of Civil Rights and labor activist Cesar Chavez, who was born on March 31st.

Chavez dedicated his life to improving conditions for hundreds of thousands of farm-workers, who suffered under poor working conditions and low wages.

As the co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association, Chavez was a fierce advocate for agricultural reform.


He led several boycotts of grapes and lettuce over the span of three decades, from the 1960's to the late 80's, including a strike in 1965 that gained national attention.

President Barack Obama officially declared March 31st Cesar Chavez day in 2014.

The civil rights leader  has also been honored in song, including this one by Grammy nominated artist Jonathan Sprout entitled: 'Si Se Puede', which means: 'Yes We Can.'