More than 50,000 Without Power In Southwest Georgia

Oct 15, 2018

Nearly a week after Hurricane Michael barreled in to the Florida Panhandle, more than 50,000 people in southwest Georgia are still without power.

Dougherty County officials said on Monday that 13,000 people are without electricity in Albany and the surrounding area. That includes Tasha Wilson, who was waiting in a long line of cars to get ice, water and ready-to-eat meals from National Guardsmen.

“I have been without power for six days,” Wilson said. “I have a child with diabetes, medical problems. It’s just a disaster.”

Any fresh food people had before the lights went out has likely spoiled.

Officials in Dougherty county said it could be another five days before power is restored and people can start to restock their refrigerators.

Georgia Power customers can check outage updates online here and Electric Membership Corporation customers can check online here.