Miya Bailey Of Atlanta: Preserving Art And Building Business In Castleberry Hill

Mar 15, 2019

Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta is nearly a distant memory, but the promise of making money during that big week is leaving some businesses wondering how they missed out.

Down the street from Mercedes Benz Stadium, artist and entrepreneur Miya Bailey says he didn’t make any extra money from the big game.


But Bailey, who lives in Castleberry Hill,  isn't waiting for anyone else to revitalize his neighborhood.



He’s used to grinding, which led him to essentially buy a block of buildings in the area, including a tattoo parlor and a merchandise shop.


Now, he’s using his talent as an artist,  and his hustle, to build up Castleberry Hill with the help of his friends and the community.



GPB’s Leah Fleming takes a tour of Peters Street Station Community Center, a creative incubator created by Miya, which is set to open in April.


They discuss Miya’s upbringing, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his goal to preserve the arts community in Castleberry Hill.