Miles Mashburn Is In On The Joke In Macon

Jul 24, 2017

 Macon native Miles Mashburn likes to poke fun at his hometown. In fact, he’s made a hobby out of it with his Macon Memes Facebook page.


“I’ve always liked making people laugh and particularly I love making memes on my personal Facebook,” Mashburn said. “So I decided to make the page 'Macon Memes' to kind of branch out and get a following and it turned out to be a pretty successful.”


True, if success is defined by having over 13,000 followers.


And, if you don’t know what a meme is, you probably don’t spend a lot of time on the internet.


“I guess the easiest way to describe a meme is to say it's an observation about a part of society and it usually takes on a humorous tone,” Mashburn said.


Memes are captioned pictures shared by people online. Most of the memes Miles makes have to do with Macon’s nightlife, crime, and local legends.


“I don't do it to disparage Macon, I do it because people all see these qualities in Macon. It doesn't mean that we're gonna leave Macon. It doesn't mean that we hate Macon, it’s just that we acknowledge certain qualities about the city,” Mashburn said.


But not all of Mashburn's followers are fans.


“Some people have complained that ‘Macon Memes’ just disparages Macon and it's like really negative and it's not a good thing to do,” Mashburn said.

Some people have left reviews calling the content offensive, but Mashburn says that’s not his intention.

He says he just wants to make people laugh.


“I think people like making fun of their town because it just feels good to laugh at yourself,” Mashburn said.