Middle Georgia Counties Ramp Up Solar Power

Feb 26, 2019

Eleven counties in the center of the state are working together to ramp up solar power use in the region.

Solarize Middle Georgia is a project backed by chambers of commerce in Macon-Bibb County and ten other nearby communities and even some churches.  It’s  aimed at getting homeowners to buy lots of solar panels and battery storage through a single vendor.

Seth Gunning is with the vendor, Creative Solar. He says bulk buying the hardware saves money.

"Everyone pays the same price, and the more people in the community, the more businesses and homes that we can get to sign up for the program, the lower the cost is for everybody," Gunning said. 

Gunning says getting solar on your roof through a bulk buy can save a homeowner 20% over going it alone. The hoped for payoff for the cities is cleaner air. Bulk buy, distributed solar production projects have been done in eleven other spots around Georgia. A number of informational meetings on the Middle Georgia project are planned through Thursday.