Meet The Loggerheads: Sea Turtles By The Numbers

Sep 7, 2018

The number of nesting sea turtles along Georgia’s coast is down again this year following a record set in 2016. But that may not be something to worry about. 

When you look over a 30-year span, the numbers are still trending upward. Mark Dodd is director of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Sea Turtle Program.

“And so even though this year was a slightly lower year than we’ve had the last couple of years, we’re still seeing an increasing trend in nesting at about 2.5 to 3 percent a year," Dodd said. "So that’s really good news for loggerhead populations in Georgia.”

Baby sea turtles will continue to make their first crawls to the ocean through October.

On Thursday, workers from the University of Georgia's Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant aquarium near Savannah released an ambassador loggerhead sea turtle named Lefty.  Browse the slide show above for images from the release at Wassaw Island and meet the aquarium's newest sea turtle ambassador, Neptune the loggerhead hatchling.