Meet The Animals Of The Tiny Desk Contest

Feb 13, 2017
Originally published on February 8, 2018 12:14 pm

Every year, several themes emerge in the videos submitted to the Tiny Desk Contest. There are the obvious, important ones: the vast amount of undiscovered talent in this country, the inventiveness with which you bring desks into your music and the clear joy that coming together around music brings us all.

And then there are the animals. In this Contest, we've seen them in spades. So, we thought we'd honor them in a little supercut of some of our favorites. Watch the video above!

Meanwhile, in other Tiny Desk Contest animal news, we're glad to announce this week's theme for our just-for-fun, fan-favorite vote: Pups Of The Tiny Desk Contest! This vote is separate from the Contest judging process, but it's another way for you to enjoy some of the many great videos we received while we work on choosing the overall Contest winner.

Read up on the nominees below, then head over to the Tiny Desk Contest site to cast a vote for your favorite dog of the Contest.

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