MARTA CEO Calls For $100 Billion Investment In Public Transit

Jan 11, 2019

Metro Atlanta's Transit Authority wants to invest $100 billion in public transit improvements as part of its 40-year plan.

MARTA CEO Jeffrey Parker addressed officials from the state, Atlanta and surrounding counties at the authority’s annual breakfast Friday morning.

Standing in front of a picture of major congestion on I-75, he told the audience that people are looking to them to solve the traffic problems of the region.

"We are fed up sitting in traffic,” Parker said.  “And if we continue to invest incrementally to improve public transportation, what will this look like in 30 years?"

Parker said the current levels of funding simply aren’t enough to make a difference in Atlanta’s traffic problem.

But where exactly that money will come from, Parker isn’t sure. He said they will have to look at all options ranging from local sales taxes to federal or state money.

Last year, Atlanta adopted a MARTA expansion plan. During the 2018 legislative session, state lawmakers passed a bill that will allow surrounding metro-Atlanta counties to vote on whether they want to join the transit system.

MARTA will also be rebranded to “The ATL.”

Another key pillar in MARTA’s 40-year plan is to focus on the customer experience. Parker said they will form a new Rider Advisory Council and hire a Chief Customer Experience Officer.