The Man, The Myths And The Music Of 'Hamilton'

May 24, 2018

Today we're talking about one of the biggest sensations in the history of American theatre: "Hamilton: An American Musical." Composer, lyrisict, and preformer Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired to create "Hamilton" after reading Ron Chernow's 800-page biography of Alexander Hamilton. 

Fans of the mega-hit "Hamilton" have waited impatiently for a chance to see the show here in Georgia—and now that opportunity has arrived.  The Tony-winning musical is now at the Fox Theatre through June 11. 

Our guests today are David Sehat, an Associate Professor of American History at Georgia State University, and Rick Lombardo, a seasoned theatrical director who is now the chairman of the Kennesaw State University theater department. 

Sehat tells us about Alexander Hamilton’s place in history and weighs the musical’s accuracy. Plus, Lombardo and Sehat discuss Miranda's decision to cast actors of color in roles as Founding Fathers. 

This is a music-packed coversation about the man, the myths, and the music of "Hamilton." You can listen to the complete collection of songs from Hamilton below: