Macon&Eggs: Is It The End For The Macon Charter Academy? Plus We Talk Tornados!

Apr 7, 2016


The state Department of Education has begun the process of closing Macon Charter Academy. Since it opened last fall the school has been plagued with numerous problems. Is there any way you see this school staying open at this point or is it better to cut the losses and get the kids into a more stable environment?


Last week some rough weather went through the state. A tornado touched down in Warner Robins. That has Charles remembering another tornado that hit Middle Georgia.


Viral videos are all the rage these days. A video in Macon Bibb County Superior Court featuring Judge Verda Colvin has gone viral. The video shows  her giving a pep talk to some wayward kids brought into her courtroom. The video was watched some 40-50 thousand times.  What do you think has so many people watching?