The Life and Legacy Of Coretta Scott King

Jun 26, 2018


Coretta Scott King was not just the wife of the late civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. She was also an accomplished activist in her own right.


She traveled the world and advocated for racial and social equality for people of all walks of life.


In 1968, the same year her husband was assassinated, Scott-King founded the King Center, which has served as a base of operations for modern day activism.




Credit Taylor Gantt


She passed away in 2006.


Now, Scott-King’s life is chronicled in a posthumous memoir titled “My Life, My Love, My Legacy.”


To learn more about Coretta Scott King, I traveled to the King Center in downtown Atlanta to meet with Bernice King, the youngest daughter of Coretta Scott King.

We discuss her mother's early life, the relationship between her parents, and the lessons she took away from her mother.

Credit Taylor Gantt