Lawmakers Prepare For Budget Hearings

Jan 21, 2019

It may not be the flashiest week at the state capitol, but it's one of the most important. 

Lawmakers will meet this week to go over the state's budget for the next fiscal year. 


Republican Gov. Brian Kemp is asking for close to a $1 billion increase over last year.

The budget hearings are a chance for lawmakers to hear everyone from the head of the Georgia Department of Transportation to the governor himself about how much money they want, and why.  

Several new items that were announced last week include $150 million for new voting machines, $69 million for school safety and nearly half a billion dollars to support a pay raise for Georgia teachers and support staff. 

The budget runs by fiscal year, so this $27 billion-plus document would take effect July 1. 

You can read the proposed budget document here.