This Kennesaw State Grad Is Breaking The Glass Ceiling On Wall Street

Jun 29, 2018

There are some famous statues on Wall Street: the Charging Bull, the Great Bear and another one that went viral last year on social media — a young girl, chin up, hands firmly on her hips. She's the Fearless Girl, and she now has some company in New York's male-dominated financial district. Lauren Simmons became the only full-time female floor broker at the New York Stock Echange in March, when she joined Rosenblatt Securities. She's from Marietta, Georgia and a graduate of Kennesaw State University.

At 23, Simmons is the youngest trader on the floor of the Stock Exchange. She is also the second African-American woman ever to work full-time as a trader there. We spoke with her about how she went from pre-med at Kennesaw State, to finance in New York, and how she thinks the industry will change with the NYSE's first woman president Stacey Cunningham