Kaye Lanning Minchew On FDR And Warm Springs, Georgia; The Magic Of Matt Felten

Oct 15, 2016

On this edition of “Two Way Street,” we talk with author and historical archivist Kaye Lanning Minchew about her new book “A President in our Midst: Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Georgia.”

As anyone who’s visited Warm Springs, Georgia and the Little White House knows, Georgia was FDR’s home away from home. He came here first to find a treatment for the polio which struck him in 1921. Warm Springs was well known for the natural hot springs that many people came to for relief from their illness. But he loved the area and the people so much that Roosevelt built his second home here, just a few miles from the springs. He visited often, and as Kaye tells us, many of the policies he established as president were inspired by the conditions he saw in rural Georgia. It’s a great story told well by Kaye.

Later in the show, we talk to actor, magician and mentalist Matt Felten and Adam Fristoe, a founder of Out of Hand Theater. They’ve created an evening of theater and illusions called “The Magic Chamber,” which they perform in front of audiences of no more than 30 people in homes around metro Atlanta. Matt and Adam talk about the stories that Matt weaves around his illusions and about the unexpected incidents that arise when you create theater in such intimate settings.