Juuling: The New Threat Of Nicotine Addiction

Jul 13, 2018

E-cigarettes hit the market not too long ago as an aid to quit smoking. The CDC reported in 2015 that more than 9 million American adults vape regularly. Juuls are the new trendy e-cigarette that have become very popular among teens. It's an USB size e-cigarette that uses "pods" for the source of nicotine. College and high school campuses are having issues with the amount of teenagers who are taking on this new nicotine fad.



Even though it is often advertised as the safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, what if it isn’t necessarily less addictive? We sat down with Michael Eriksen, the Dean of Public Health at Georgia State University to talk about a study he conducted on the effects of E-cigarettes. They discovered that electronic cigarettes showed no evidence to help regular smokers to quit their nicotine habits. We also spoke with Amy Barkley, a regional advocate for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.