John Lewis and Others Go After Bernie Sanders!

Feb 12, 2016

The major party presidential candidates have put the northeast in their rearview mirrors for now and have turned their attention southward and westward. On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton held anther contentious debate, this time in Wisconsin. Secretary Clinton continued to push the argument that Senator Sanders’ math does not add up when it comes to paying for his proposals. Sanders, meanwhile, continued to rail against Wall Street. As Sanders tries to make inroads in the African American community, at least one local mayor and one veteran of the Civil Rights movement have strongly made the case that the former first lady should be the Democratic nominee. Who will prevail when the Democrats vote in South Carolina in two weeks and Georgia on March 1st?

On the Republican side, his opponents in South Carolina have begun making an issue of frontrunner Donald Trump’s use of vulgarities in his campaign speeches. Trump has vowed to clean up his language. Will he? And who attacks who as each candidate tries to stand out among the six remaining in the GOP field? Can John Kasich build on his second place finish in New Hampshire? Will Jeb Bush try to take Kasich out and move up in the establishment lane? Can Ted Cruz consolidate the evangelical vote and repeat his Iowa win? And whither Marco Rubio?

In politics from under the Gold Dome, HB 757, the Pastor Protection Act, one of the many RFRA bills under consideration by the legislature passed in the House of Representatives by a unanimous vote. The senator who has authored another RFRA took to the floor of well of the Senate to voice his displeasure with the legislation and its passage. What is the future of 757 as it moves to the Senate for consideration? And what’s the future of other “religious liberty” legislation being considered? And what effect do these bills have on the economy of Georgia?

The panel weighs in on all of this and more!


Jim Galloway-AJC Political Insider Blog

Bradley George-Anchor, GPB Morning Edition

Rep. LaDawn Jones- Ga House of Representatives, District 62

Liz Flowers-Executive Director Georgia Senate Democratic Caucus

Eric Tanenblatt- Republican Campaign Consultant