Irma Is Filling Hotels In The South

Sep 6, 2017



Hotels across the South are booking up, as people leave the coast ahead of Hurricane Irma.

All it takes is a quick look at any of the online booking sites to see. Georgia’s hotel rooms are sold out. Brigette Lee is the director of sales of the Holiday Inn on the north side of Macon, Georgia. She says people leaving the South Carolina barrier islands beat Floridians to the punch by looking for rooms as long ago as last Friday.

"We are full and I have been getting requests from Florida for two days and I don't have any rooms for them," Lee said. "So people are starting to look at Tennessee and the western border of South Carolina."

Lee's hotel is full from this Friday until next Wednesday. Online searches show hotels as far north as Nashville are apparently filling quickly, too.

Current models from the National Weather Service Hurricane Center project sometime between Friday and Saturday for Irma’s effects to be felt in Florida. Irma is expected to be felt in Georgia by Sunday morning.

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