Introducing the NEW Wednesday Edition of Political Rewind!

Jan 13, 2016

Welcome to our first Wednesday edition of Political Rewind! From now on we will be on LIVE Wednesdays at 2pm in addition to our normal time Friday afternoons at 3. The Georgia general Assembly gaveled to order on Monday, January 11th with an ambitious list of things to get finished before their forty day session expires. And with many legislators predicting a fast session, there may be much to be accomplished in a short period of time. Governor Deal delivered his annual State of the State address and discussed issues critical to keeping the ship of state sailing forward. One of those issues is education, where the governor has proposed merit pay for teachers and new funding models for schools. The governor seemed to give legislators until next session to work out the controversial merit pay issue, but did announce a 3 percent pay raise for all state employees, including teachers. An issue not discussed by the governor sure to spark debate is proposed legislation to protect county clerks who do not want to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. According to its author, the legislation is not designed to deny those licenses, but will protect government employees who refuse to issue them. Along with that legislation, the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”, approved by the state senate last year will again be an issue, though the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has said that the bill will not be taken up by the House until late in the session. In presidential politics, Bernie Sanders appears to have the Hillary Clinton campaign feeling the “Bern”. If Senator Sanders is able to pull off the upset in Iowa and maintain his lead in New Hampshire, will Clinton’s strength in the south be enough to secure the Dem nomination? Will Vice president Biden’s comments about “authenticity” sway undecided Dems? And whither Martin O’Malley? On the Republican side, have Donald Trump’s questions about Ted Cruz’s birthplace slowed the Texas senator’s momentum in Iowa? Which establishment candidate will break through in the next GOP debate and help undecided voters make a choice? And whither Rand Paul? The panel weighs in on all of this and more!