Improv For Everyone: Tools For Georgia High School Teachers From Dad's Garage

Sep 11, 2019

Improvisational theater makes for a great evening of live entertainment. Actors make up a story right on the spot, mastering the art of staying in the moment while making their scene partners look good.

Dad’s Garage, the well-established improv theater in Atlanta, is making a push to bring that art to high schools across Georgia. Their new outreach program provides teachers with videos, worksheets, and teaching guides aimed to introduce students to the world of improv. All materials are free and conform to state curriculum standards.

On Second Thought sat down with Kevin Gillese, artistic director at Dad’s Garage, to learn the positive skills kids can learn from doing improv. Those skills were put on display as Kirsten King, youth programs director at Dad’s Garage, led teaching assistant Tanner Byle and student JD Rausch through a tricky improv game.

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