Hurricane-Displaced Birds Getting New Homes

Dec 3, 2018

Hurricane Michael damaged and destroyed hundreds of houses in southwest Georgia, but the storm also left some wildlife without a home.

The hurricane toppled hundreds of acres of longleaf pine trees – where red cockaded woodpeckers nest. Jay Jensen with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Foundation says they’re creating new shelters for the threatened birds in different trees in and around Georgia’s Silverlake Wildlife Management Area south of Bainbridge.


“We can basically cut a hole out of the tree," Jensen said. "We insert this box in so the birds think it’s just like a nest that they’ve built themselves, but we can do it in less than two hours time and they like it.”

These birdhouses are critical to keep the woodpeckers safe from predators, Jensen said. While newly planted Longleaf Pines will take decades to mature, the birds’ natural habitats can return in as little as 10 years. That’s good news for all the animals whose habitat depends on the longleaf pines. 

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