How Will Convention Rules Shape The GOP Nomination Process?

Apr 13, 2016

On today’s show we talk with special guest Randy Evans. At a time when Donald Trump is claiming the Republican leadership is stacking the deck against him, when talk of a contested convention or a brokered convention is growing, Evans is the go-to expert on how the rules will work in the process of selecting a nominee.

Evans is an Atlanta attorney with Dentons. He’s a member of the Republican National Committee Rules Committee and the debate committee, among other leadership roles he’s played with the party. He was senior advisor to Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Evans explains how convention rules set in 2012 to clear the way for Mitt Romney to be the unchallenged nominee are now limiting the flexibility the party has to pick a consensus candidate this year. He give us his assessment of whether the convention will go to multiple ballots and responds to Trump’s charges that the fix is in to try to stop him from winning in Cleveland.


Jim Galloway – AJC political writer

Kevin Riley – AJC Editor

Howard Franklin – Democratic political strategist