How The Popeyes 'Migos Menu' Delivered New Trends In The Fast Food Industry

Jan 10, 2020

You no doubt took part in, or at least heard about last year's battle between Popeyes and Chick-Fil-A during the so-called "chicken sandwich wars." Well, at the end of 2019, Popeyes dropped some new weapons into its arsenal: The Offset, The Quavo, The Takeoff and the Tour Rider.

These were new meal options for people ordering from the Lousiana-based fast food restaurant on Uber Eats. The first three are named for the members of the Atlanta hip-hop group Migos. And The Tour Rider? That's apparently real. When Migos is on tour, their actual tour rider — or the list of things they require — includes a whole mess of Popeyes.

Kate Taylor follows the food, beverage and retail industries for Business Insider. She joined On Second Thought to talk about the partnership, which launched first in Georgia before becoming available nationwide.

"Migos being from Georgia, Popeye's kind of saw that opportunity and decided to launch there," she explained. "I think that because these chains are so big, they want people to feel like they're still relatable and [there's] still kind of a personal touch there."

The partnership also brings up another trend that is becoming more common in the fast food industry: delivery. 

"It's something that fast food chains really appreciate because you see much larger orders, where you're ordering for a group; you're ordering for a party," she said. "That is gold for fast food chains, instead of someone coming by and spending just a couple of dollars on a chicken sandwich or a burger. So, delivery is really going to play out more and more in fast food over the coming months."

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