How To Keep Your Home Safe Amid COVID-19

Mar 25, 2020

The CDC has released tips to help keep the general public healthy, reduce exposures to COVID-19 and slow the spread of the disease. Creating a household plan can protect your health and the health of those around  you.

CDC Checklist of Household Preparations Against COVID-19

  •  Stay informed of the latest information in your local community.

This includes monitoring public health officials recommendations. Create a list of local organizations you can contact in the event you need access to services, resources or support and having a separate emergency contact list with close relatives and vital personal information.

  • Prepare for possible illness and understand your plan of action.

​The CDC recommends choosing a separate room in your house that can be used to house only sick members to help keep them separate from other non-infected family members.

  •  Take routine preventive steps.

This includes practicing good personal hygiene and washing your hands frequently for a minimum of twenty seconds and avoiding touching your face. Clean and disinfect commonly used objects and surfaces routinely.

Additional information from the CDC on how to disinfect your home here.

  • Stay vigilant of possible symptoms arising.

You can find a detailed list of symptoms here.

For the latest news updates, government information, and resources go to GPB.Org/coronavirus.