How Governor Kemp's Proposed Medicaid Plans Stand To Impact Georgians

Nov 6, 2019

Georgia is currently ranked third among states with most uninsured residents.  More than 1.4 million Georgians were without insurance in 2018.

Governor Kemp announced the second of two healthcare waiver proposals to increase coverage on Monday. If approved, the waivers will allow the state of Georgia to remain compliant with the Federal Affordable Care Act — making changes to the health insurance market in the state without expanding Medicaid.

Georgia is currently one of 14 states that have chosen to not fully expand Medicaid.

To better understand the impacts on the proposed waivers on the health and pocketbooks of Georgians across the state, On Second Thought sat down with Ariel Hart, health reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and Andy Miller, CEO and editor of Georgia Health News.

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