Historic Noir Coffee Creates Blends Inspired By Atlanta Neighborhoods

Dec 5, 2018

Industry analysts say consumers spent just over $74 billion on coffee in 2015. The average amount people spend on cups of coffee is around $21 per week.

Three men from Atlanta are working to get a piece of this lucrative industry and put the city on the map as a coffee mecca.


GPB’s Leah Fleming traveled to Rosie’s Coffee Cafe to meet the entrepreneurs who created the Historic Noir Coffee Group.



Credit GPB/ Ellen Eldridge


It’s a black-owned business created by three friends turned business partners: Ricardo Richardson, Deron Moreman and Christopher Brown.

Credit GPB/ Ellen Eldridge

Leah sat down with Ricardo and Deron to learn about the coffee blends inspired by Atlanta neighborhoods and the pitch they made to Starbucks to help improve inclusivity after a racial bias incident in Philadelphia.