Highlighting Black Literature's Cultural Legacy Through Atlanta's New For Keeps Bookstore

Dec 11, 2018

For Keeps, a shop for rare and classic black books, recently opened on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta. Owner Rosa Duffy wants to make the shop a community space to explore the history of black literature and publishing.

"Atlanta already has a sense of appreciation for their blackness. We already have a huge community here," said Duffy. "So I feel very humbled and honored to be on Auburn Avenue, which has such a history behind it."

She stopped by "On Second Thought" to discuss her parents' influence on her reading and the process of opening a used bookstore in the city.

Duffy said she wanted to create a space that felt "like home" and summoned memories of her grandmother's library growing up.

Along with books for purchase, Duffy collects rare books that customers can read in the store.

"I knew that I wanted these things to be shared and not just hoarded and kept to myself," Duffy said.

GPB's Grant Blankenship also sent "On Second Thought" an audio postcard about the power of food from the British Tea Room restaurant in the city of Warner Robins.

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