'Hidden Voices' Podcast Spotlights People With Developmental Disabilities In Georgia

Jan 15, 2020

Nearly 4.6 million people live with developmental disabilities in the U.S. —  a reality that hits home to about 600,000 living in Georgia. Oftentimes, individual voices and experiences get lost in those numbers.

That's why FRQNCY Media, a Georgia-based production company collaborated with the Georgia Counil on Developmental Disabilities to create Hidden Voices, a podcast designed to highlight the stories of people with disorders and their families.

FRQNCY Media CEO and founder Michelle Khouri is one of the executive producers who worked on the Hidden Voices podcast. Khouri and Maria Pinkelton spoke with On Second Thought host Virginia Prescott about the stories of people in Georgia with developmental disabilities. Pinkelton is public relations director of Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities.

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