HHS Looking To Atlanta For New Child Migrant Shelter

Jul 2, 2019

As the controversy over how unaccompanied migrant children are being housed continues,  the Department of Health and Human Services is looking for real estate in five American cities for new shelters, including Atlanta.

The request for bids from the federal General Services Administration looks at an area southwest of Atlanta taking in cities like Carrollton, Fayetteville, Union City and  Griffin.

A map by the General Services Administration describing where in metro Atlanta Health and Human Services would like to put a shelter for unaccompanied child migrants.
Credit General Services Administration

The request says Health and Human Services needs a space of at least 96,000 square feet to house up to 500 children under the age of 17. The request also stipulates the shelter must include classrooms, bedrooms, child bathrooms, medical facilities and 2 acres of outdoor space for play.

The request for bids for an Atlanta area HHS shelter for unaccompanied migrant children,
Credit General Services Administratiohn

The other cities targeted for new shelters are Dallas Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston and Phoenix. The requests for space in those cities are similar to the Atlanta request. 

The documents say requests are due by the end of the month,  the shelters will open by this time next year and could be open for as long as two decades.