GSU Study Highlights High Human Trafficking Risk Among Atlanta Homeless Youth

Oct 30, 2019

More than half of all homeless youth in Atlanta have experienced some form of human trafficking. The ‘Atlanta Youth Count’ – a Georgia State University study – surveyed over 500 young people who are homeless on everything from personal demographic information to childhood trauma to their relationships with their peers. 

The new study paints a harrowing – and, at times, hopeful – picture of the young people living on Atlanta’s streets.

The study was led by Dr. Eric Wright, Professor and Chair of Sociology at Georgia State University, and his doctoral student Ana LaBoy was project manager for the study. They both joined On Second Thought to share more about the study’s findings and implications for the homeless young people living in Atlanta.

The study expands on previous research that focused on sex trafficking, to include accounts of labor trafficking. "Labor trafficking is a lot more common than commercial sexual explotation," Dr. Wright explained, "which sort of runs counter to some of the imagery that we hear when people talk about trafficking."

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