Grammy-Winning Jazz Saxophonist David Sánchez Pays Homage To The African Diaspra With 'Carib'

Grammy-winning jazz saxophonist David Sánchez hails from Puerto Rico, but, these days, he calls Atlanta home. Schooled in jazz by the legends, Sánchez is now schooling others as an artist-in-residence at Georgia State University. Tune in for a sample of his new record, Carib a project about exploring the music of the African Diaspora, beginning in the Caribbean.

Introduced by his sister in a little boutique in Rio Piedras, Sánchez discovered jazz legends like Billie Holiday and Miles Davis. Although percussian was his first love, Sánchez eventually picked up the saxophone and grew to admire its vocal quality.  Inspired by Pan-African music, Sánchez crafted "Carib" as a contemporary approach rooted in tradition, paying homage to folkloric instruments. Sánchez believes that the greatest contributions to contemporary music and culture have come from the African diaspora throughout the Americas.  

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