GPB's 'Speakeasy With Denene' Podcast Breaks Down Black Culture, Experience Through Storytelling

Oct 23, 2019

New York Times bestselling author, Denene Millner has been celebrating the black experience in her work for decades. Now, her new podcast from GPB, Speakeasy with Denene, dives into the “beauty of blackness and all of its manifestations.”

Millner created her website,, back in 2008 to connect with African American parents in the U.S. She also co-hosts “A Seat at the Table” on GPB-TV.

On Second Thought invited Millner to share about her new podcast, and how it breaks down the many ways that words can apply to the African-American experience.

The Speakeasy with Denene podcast launches tomorrow, Oct. 24, on GPB or whereever you get podcasts.

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