GPB Music Presents: Funk You

Jun 6, 2017

As the name implies, Funk You draws a lot of inspiration from the great funk masters. The band hails from Augusta, Georgia, hometown of the funk legend, James Brown. 

They live up to the genre with groovy bass lines and catchy, wailing vocal melodies. But Funk You is more than that–they're able to seamlessly blend numerous musical styles including R&B, progressive rock, and of course, funk.

As some members explain in a recent Georgia Playlist, the band draws a massive degree of influence from prog rockers Dixie Dregs, who also have roots in Georgia. Funk You's riffs evolve into long-form jams full of shredding guitar solos, odd time signatures, and plenty of extra percussion. The band is: Will Clark (Drums), Gavin Hamilton (Vox & Percussion), Will Foster (Keyboards), Evan Miller (Guitar), Rob Thompson (Bass), and Palmer Owens (Percussion).