GPB Music Presents: Atria

Jul 25, 2017



When she was a kid, SaVana Cameron says she loved to sing.

“But I never did voice lessons or anything like that,” she said.

She didn’t get serious until her senior year of high school when she landed a solo in the musical "Annie."

“After I did the solo that night a lot of people came up to me and said ‘You have a really pretty voice,’” she said.

That’s all it took for Cameron, who performs and records music in Macon under the name Atria, to get on the road of mastering her own voice. But where to start learning?

“I started joining church choirs to get free music lessons,” she said. “I've been in about four or five.”

She learned a lot there.  

“I think the most important thing for me was placement,” she said. “Because when you are changing registers a lot, you want to have like an open tall space you need to have a good placement for that.”

It’s all part of a sound she is chasing.

“With my music I really wanted to create a space for people to kind of zone out,” she said.

She accompanies herself on the guitar, providing an ambient bed for her voice.

“Because a lot of the things that I hear musically that I want to do on the guitar, and that I will be able to do one day, I do with my voice,” she said.

You can see and hear Atria in our live session and you can catch her during the 2017 Bragg Jam Music Festival in Macon.