Gov. Nathan Deal Unveils His Portrait During His Final Days In Office

Jan 3, 2019

As his time in office winds down, Gov. Nathan Deal unveiled his official portrait Thursday.


The painting shows the governor and first lady Sandra Deal standing side by side, her arm grasping his, in front of a window. 

A crane is in seen in the window, which represents the role Deal played in getting a new headquarters for the judicial system built.

That’s one of many objects in the painting that symbolize Deal’s achievements during his eight years in office.

Others include scales of justice for criminal justice reform, an apple and books for breathing new life into the state’s Hope scholarship and a camera shaped bookend for the film industry that has grown tremendously in Georgia under Deal’s leadership.

As Deal spoke, he thanked the audience of mostly politicians and judges for their help.

"By in large all of the things that this portrait symbolizes are things that many of you have had a very important hand in having it come to fruition,” Deal said. “And for that I am truly thankful."

The portrait was painted by Georgia artist Thomas Nash, who also painted one of former Gov. Zell Miller.