Georgia's Muslim Community Celebrates Eid al-Adha

Aug 9, 2019

Originally aired on August 21, 2018:


This Saturday, thousands of Muslims across Georgia will begin observing one of the most holy days in the religion of Islam.


Eid al-Adha is known as the "Festival of Sacrifice" in Islam, commemorating the prophet Abraham and the sacrifice he promised to God.



Atlanta is home to one of the largest Muslim proportions in the country, according to the Pew Research Center.


To help learn more about the holiday and the muslim community in Georgia, GPB's Leah Fleming sat down with Dr. Nabile Safdar.


Safdar is a board member of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta and a radiologist at Emory University's School of Medicine.


Around two million muslims will make the pilgrimage, known as the Hajj, to visit the holy site of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.