Georgians Rally For Gun Control At State Capitol

Feb 21, 2018

On this edition of Political Rewind, we talk with former Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston.  He's making national headlines for comments calling into question the motives of students mobilizing for gun reform.  Also, as President Trump takes his first steps to improve gun safety, a very large group rallies at the Georgia State Capitol calling for gun control.  Plus, Republican leaders at the State Capitol reach an agreement to cut taxes on Georgians by half a billion dollars in the next five years.  What led to them to act now, despite initial concerns from the governor?  And, a bill to allow religious organization to deny adoptions passes its first hurdle in the state senate.  Is the road ahead smooth or filled with obstacles to passage? 


Media Consultant Lori Geary

Former Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston

Republican Strategist Julianne Thompson

Republican Strategist Eric Tanenblatt