Georgia Southern Faculty, Students Address Book Burning

Oct 15, 2019

Georgia Southern University faculty are holding events on censorship and free speech this week following a book burning by students.


Author Jennine Capó Crucet spoke at the school’s Statesboro campus last week about white privilege and the college experience. Some students challenged her, and video posted on social media showed students burning her book.


School administrators said the students were within their rights but the book burning “does not align with Georgia Southern’s values.”


Senior Kendra Ivy said the incident raises important questions for the university.


“You can’t ignore the other side’s perspective just because you think it’s not relevant to you, especially if you’re a campus of diversity,” Ivy said.


Crucet canceled an appearance on the school’s Savannah campus following the incident in Statesboro.


The university's history department has scheduled a teach-in on book burning, censorship and free speech at the main campus Tuesday.


Faculty also plan to hold a read-in Wednesday on the Armstrong campus in Savannah.