Georgia’s Newest Lawmaker Starts on Day 'Lucky 13'

Feb 12, 2019

Rep. Matt Barton (R Calhoun) called his first day as the newest member of the Georgia House “Lucky 13.”  That’s because he’s beginning his first term on the day 13 of the legislative session.

He was sworn in last night by a probate judge in Calhoun but went through another swearing-in today with a “Supreme Court judge to make sure it was done right.”

“Everybody has been great,” he said. “and, that’s what other freshmen have told me. They’ve been here 12 days, so I’m looking forward to meeting everybody.”

The former school board member and city councilman won the seat in a runoff election in Calhoun last week. Barton fills the position once held by John Meadows, who died last November.

“Those are shoes I won’t be able to fill,” said Barton of Meadows. “Johnny was a special man, who lived about five houses up from me. I saw him all the time.  He was a great man.  He was in very important positions. I’m the low man on the totem pole.  To fill Johnny’s shoes would be hard to do.”

Barton said he looks forward to focusing on several issues.

“I have a servant’s heart. I was on the school, and I was on the city council. I just want to do good for my community. I’m a staunch conservative. I want to keep taxes low, as low as possible,” said Barton. “My mom and wife are both educators. My daughter’s going into education, so education is a big part of my life. I’m on board with Governor Kemp trying to get a raise for them, as long as we can do it without raising taxes.”