Georgia Ghosts: A Mother, Daughter Haunt This Hotel

Oct 29, 2018

This Halloween, we’re introducing you to some of Georgia’s most memorable ghosts. In the southwest Georgia town of Americus, a little girl and her mother are said to haunt the halls of the Windsor Hotel.

In 1892, the brand new Windsor Hotel was the height of luxury for celebrities and politicians escaping cold, northern winters. The red brick Victorian building featured towers, balconies, elevators and a three-story atrium lobby. It was the only hotel in Georgia offering guests individualized silverware.

The Windsor Hotel in Americus, Ga. was built in 1892 with Georgia red clay bricks.
Credit New Georgia Encyclopedia

Legend has it that one day in the early 1900s, a housekeeper named Emily Mae was arguing with her lover in the hotel’s third floor hallway. As the couple’s exchange grew heated, her young daughter, Emma, stood by holding her mother’s hand. In a fit of rage, Emily Mae’s lover pushed her furiously into a nearby elevator. What the lover may not have realized is that the elevator shaft was empty. Mother and daughter, hand in hand, fell three stories to their gruesome deaths.

Since that tragic day at the Windsor Hotel, guests and employees report feeling the presence of a little girl. Some hear a child’s footsteps running down a third-floor hallway.

Guests also confess to seeing the fleeting reflection of a woman in a long, black dress in a third floor mirror. Pots and pans fly off tables and counters. Lights and radios mysteriously turn on and off.

Today, the Windsor Hotel embraces its spooky history with ghost tours to introduce guests to Emily Mae and Emma.

If you go to the Windsor, you can also look for the spirit of a former doorman wandering the building welcoming guests to their stay.

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