Georgia Finds New Life For Dead And Dying Malls

Oct 11, 2019

Season three of the Neflix series Stranger Things is now out. And most of the episodes from it unfold in the show’s fictional “Starcourt Mall,” which exists in the real world as Gwinnett Place Mall.

While the mall in Stranger Things is lively and bustling, the real one is dead. This follows the trend of abandoned malls that are empty and void of tenants appearing across the country.

Ellen Dunham-Jones researches how communities are grappling with these casualties of changing American consumption patterns. Her research covers three main steps to reuse dead and dying malls, which are redevelopment, reinhabitation and regreening. 

Dunham-Jones is the director of the Urban Design Program at Georgia Tech and an expert on urban redevelopment. She also hosts the Redesigning Cities podcast.

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