Georgia Counties Test Election Machines Ahead Of Midterm Elections

Sep 24, 2018

County elections officials across the state are getting ready for the Nov. 6 election.

That includes testing Georgia’s 27,000 touch-screen voting machines.

On a humid Monday morning, Fayette County elections director Floyd Jones and his team begin the logic and accuracy testing process for the direct-recording electronic voting machines – nearly 300 of them.

That means Jones will be at the county’s election trailer for the next two days, making sure each machine’s software and hardware works the way it’s supposed to.

The printers are checked to make sure they work, the touchscreen accuracy is calibrated, the date and time is set and a memory card is cross-checked with a master list of serial numbers for every machine at every precinct.  

That’s just one step in the process Georgia’s 159 counties take to prepare for elections.

“We sit down as a team and decide how many machines go to each precinct,” Jones said.  “We qualify local candidate, we review the sample ballots with a team to ensure that what is on the ballot is legitimately on the ballot….”

And after testing is complete for all 36 precincts’ worth of machines?

“When that is done, we seal them, we put them back on the racks and we have them prepared for Election Day.”

You can check your voter registration status and register to vote at the Secretary of State’s election website here. The deadline is October 9.