Former Atlanta City Councilwoman Mary Norwood Talks Crime In Buckhead

Feb 8, 2019

Some residents in the North Atlanta suburb of Buckhead are complaining about an increase of crime in their community.


It’s one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city. But residents say the area is seeing a rise in violent crime, car thefts, and burglary.




Recently, former Atlanta councilwoman and mayoral candidate Mary Norwood penned an open letter to Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms asking for a plan to address the problem.  


She got a strong response from Atlanta’s chief of police, Erica Shields, who took issue with the letter during a press conference last week.


Norwood, who is now the chair of the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods, says she meant no harm in her letter and is grateful for the hard work of the police.  


However, she is suggesting some ideas she wants to see implemented in the judicial system that she thinks could make a difference.


GPB's Leah Fleming sits down with Norwood on Morning Edition to hear her concerns and solutions moving forward.