Florida Senator Marco Rubio Campaigns With Brian Kemp

Oct 22, 2018

Republican candidate for governor Brian Kemp picked up another out-of-state endorsement Monday. This time from Marco Rubio. 

The Florida senator campaigned with Kemp at White House, a local restaurant in north Atlanta. He used the opportunity to praise the candidate for supporting small businesses and reiterated the need for people to get out and vote. 
"And I would tell you do not wake up on a Wednesday morning to find out that we did not win in a close election and you and your circle of friends could have made a difference," Rubio said. 
In between taking jabs at each other over the upcoming Georgia versus Florida college football game, Rubio told Kemp supporters to take advantage of early voting and not wait until Election Day in two weeks. 
The latest forecast from Five Thirty-Eight shows Kemp and his opponent Stacey Abrams in a dead heat.