Flag Back At Jekyll Island Decades After Pranksters Stole It

Aug 5, 2019

A handmade flag that pranksters stole from Jekyll Island more than 40 years ago has been returned to the state park.

The Brunswick News reports the flag featuring a crest of a seashell and a cotton ball was handed over to its executive editor and president, Buff Leavy, recently along with a handwritten note explaining that it had been swiped by Georgia Tech fraternity pledges in 1975. Leavy returned it to the Jekyll Island Authority.

Rose Marie Kimbell is the archivist of the island's Mosaic museum. She suspects the flag was one of two that once flew atop flagpoles at the entrance to the Jekyll Island causeway.

The flag will be placed on display at the museum, where Kimbell says it will be watched closely by a security camera.